At Integrative Physiotherapy, we do things differently.


At Integrative Physiotherapy, we ensure that each patient is given a clear diagnosis and prognosis following their initial evaluation. Our clinicians take comprehensive history and perform evidence-based special testing to determine diagnosis. If clinical red flags are suspected and your symptoms are not amenable to physical therapy services, our team will help direct you to the appropriate healthcare practitioner and coordinate your plan of care. For confirmation of an injury or to rule out a systemic cause of musculoskeletal pain, Dr. Kummrow and Dr. Veronda may also order imaging.


What is differential diagnosis? In the physical therapy setting, differential diagnosis includes comprehensive screening for systemic disease and that may mimic musculoskeletal or neuromuscular conditions.

Some diagnoses that have been referred out for medical care include:

  • Cardiac Distress

  • Kidney Stones/Kidney Infection

  • Multiple Myeloma

  • Lyme Disease

  • Gallstones

  • GERD/Stomach Ulcers

Medical management, along with our holistic treatment approach can get you back to feeling your best FASTER!

Applied Imagery:

Neurolinguistics, or applied imagery is used at IP to help you re-wire the way you think about movement patterns. Unique approaches in cueing help you to process movement patterns differently and will forever change the way you move! Verbal, visual, and tactile cuing are used to meet each patient where they are at each day in a way that is approachable, yet unforgettable.

Tailored Exercises:

Dr. Kummrow has integrated decades of movement experience and training to craft unique, fun, and incredibly effective exercises that are unlike any other physical therapist. With components from strength training, martial arts, and energy work (to name a few), each patient receives individualized exercises specific to their pathologies. Prescribed home exercises are sent to each patient to sustain results and promote the independent management of your health!

A Wellness Network That Cares About YOU:

Your team at Integrative Physiotherapy works closely with a network of trusted experts in the area to facilitate a truly holistic approach to your health care. Specialties ranging from sports medicine, nutrition, massage therapy, family medicine and psychologists provide you access to top quality collaborative partners.