Why is Physical Therapy at IPT Unique?

Underlying Dr. Kummrow’s treatment approaches is personal training as a form of specialized physical therapy known as Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation (“kinetic” is the Latin word for motion). Using guided imagery Dr. Kummrow helps patients gain awareness of their movement patterns, cultivating a strong mind-body connection through one-on-one therapeutic exercise.

The foundational principle of this approach is that the human body is made up of interdependent systems. This differs from the traditional approach of many others, who view the body as independent systems that can be rehabilitated without recognition of the system as a whole.

Through Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation, Integrative Physiotherapy brings a fresh perspective to physical therapy and wellness. As a part of our holistic approach, your treatment may involve dietary review, meditation and breathing techniques, or referral to other qualified health care providers in our network for herbs, supplements or medications to assist in the healing process.

Our Approach

“A Fresh Perspective”

Physical injury, and hence, physical therapy, covers a wide spectrum. A couple of factors complicate the spectrum of physical injury. First, is the injured person’s physical condition and how they process the discomfort. Second, is the amount of time that passes before the person becomes proactive about getting better. Time allows the physical injury to embed into the mind, eventually becoming a part of an individual’s modus operandi (way of being). Thus, a spectrum of injury is truly a multi-dimensional and complex problem involving (1) the initial injury itself, (2) an individual’s response, and (3) their conditioning to the injury over time.

The physical therapy practice developed by Dr. Kummrow at Integrative Physiotherapy is “integrative”, in part, because it recognizes the multi-dimensions of physical injury and wellness. However, Dr. Kummrow takes integrative physical therapy a step further, recognizing that underlying a patient’s injury, response, and conditioning is a human body that consists of interdependent systems.

Through recognition that the body operates as an interdependent system, Dr. Kummrow has delivered a fresh perspective through Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation that has helped thousands of people to overcome their injuries and live a healthy, active life. Along the way, Dr. Kummrow’s approach has delivered solutions to patients experiencing chronic pain who have undergone various other treatments without a successful outcome. This patient population includes those suffering from car accident-related injuries, chronic back pain, MS, TBI and migraine headaches.

Dr. Kummrow’s philosophy of integrative physical therapy and wellness stems from a decade of experience and a dedication to a life-time of learning. At Integrative Physiotherapy you’ll experience a clinic that has successfully treated professional athletes from the Denver Nuggets, Broncos, high school, college and recreational athletes, office workers, children as young as 5 years old, and adults of all ages and abilities.


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“How Dr. Kummrow helped me is almost miraculous…”

Do you want to completely recover from lower back problems without surgery? If so, that is exactly what I did with the knowledge and helping hands of Dr. John Kummrow. I had two bulging discs (L4 and L5) that were almost herniated and I was in excruciating pain. My neurosurgeon was ready to schedule me for lower back surgery when my friend Dr. Brad Sisson recommended I see Dr. John Kummrow to give Integrative Physiotherapy a try.

Dr. John Kummrow has a unique approach to physical therapy…..and believe me I know because I had been to many physical therapist without any results and was headed to surgery. How Dr. Kummrow helped me is almost miraculous but you need to stick with it even if you don’t believe his approach will work and the initial back pain persists. In summary he knows the neuromuscular and skeletal system very well….better than any type of doctor I have ever been to. He is not afraid to use his hands to do what most therapist don’t do anymore, find the problem and correct it through multiple techniques including pressure point massage, stretching, dry needling, manipulation and helping you do exercises that actually work to strengthen the lower back and stomach. In addition, he helped me discover many basic problems that I did not even know I had that were aggravating my lower back, like how I don’t swing my arms when I walk, forget to breath and don’t maintain proper posture. For more information on how I was helped by Dr. Kummrow, please call me at 970.217.7344.

-Steve, Global Director

“…he is the PT I’ve been looking for!”

I have been having issues with my back for more than a decade. I’ve limped along trying to do the activities I love, leading to compensations and a whole bunch of other issues. I’ve seen literally over a dozen PTs during this time, and more other ‘specialists’ than I can count. I finally met John about 7 months ago (he came highly recommended by a friend) and he is the PT I’ve been looking for. He is a physiology savant.

Instead of treating symptoms, he’s showing me how to retrain my body so that it works properly. The exercises he gives me are super challenging (so I’m never bored with them- I always thought PT exercises were boring and that made them hard to do) and I look forward to going to the gym to do them because I get a full body workout and know that I’m doing great things for myself. And I get to see my improvements as they get easier! My core is stronger than it ever has been, and just before Christmas, I was able to start running again. I can’t thank John and Kira enough for putting me on the path towards long term health.

-Tammy, Research Scientist

“My quality of life has increased 80%”

I’ve had chronic headaches and jaw pain for quite a while, and I was tired of relying on medication to help me get through the day. I had been to many chiropractors in Fort Collins as well as massage therapist and acupuncturists, seeing minimal results. A friend of mine recommended I go see Dr. Kummrow after he helped keep her out of neck surgery. After a few sessions of cranio-sacral treatment, dry needling and light movement, I noticed a decrease in headache intensity and some headache free days! The dry needling really helped to release tense muscles in my neck, temples and jaw. There have been sessions where the dry needling and/or a light exercise pattern will get rid of my headache instantaneously! My quality of life has increased 80% since beginning this process, and I am so grateful to the staff at Integrative Physiotherapy for getting me to this point! My life is not headache free yet, but I finally am able to see a possibility of that happening.

-Nicole, Insurance Advisor

“….my mind was blown!”

Dr. John has worked wonders on my shoulder over the last 3 weeks! I came in hardly being able to lift my arm to 90 degrees due to a worsening impingement. The first session, he dry needled me in a few different areas and immediately after I could raise my hand above my shoulder, I was blown away! With the continued rehab I can feel my shoulder getting stronger and the pain decreasing week by week. I’m so grateful that Dr. John has kept me out of surgery. The time and work I’ve had to put in to continue towards my rehab goal has been so worth it!

-Angela, Real Estate

“…the first time I haven’t had back pain in years”

I started having back pain about 4 years ago. I’ve since been to a multitude of physical therapists in Fort Collins and Denver with few positive results. I heard about Dr. John through the gym I attend, and decided to give physical therapy one more try. The facility and services are unlike any other experience I’ve had. Dr. John is friendly, patient, and very passionate about what he does. The day after my first visit was the first time I haven’t had back pain in years! I will continue to utilize Dr. John’s services, and continue to recommend him to my family and friends.

-Sam, Small Business Owner

“…I am already seeing vast improvements”

For almost two years now, I’ve suffered from lower back and left leg numbness and pain that has severely affected my ability to exercise and lead the active life I desire. I sought care from multiple chiropractors, other physical therapists, pain doctors, and neurologists before a friend told me about Integrative Physiotherapy. I have now been working with Dr. Kummrow for about five months and am already seeing vast improvements.

Dr. Kummrow’s approach is dynamic, engaging, and provides me concrete methods to improve my strength and decrease my pain symptoms even at home. With the help of IP Therapy, I now feel optimistic that I will be able to restore my body to a healthier, stronger, and fully functioning state.

-Erin, Teacher

“My recovery was swift and complete”

I injured my back playing sports. I am a firefighter, so physical activity is essential for me to work. Dr. John came in on his weekend to help put me back together. My recovery was swift and complete. John is knowledgeable and skillful in his craft.

-Henry, Firefighter

“…I can really start living and enjoying my life!”

I am 33 years old and had been struggling with jaw pain since age 15. Numerous doctors, dentists, therapists, and treatment plans later I was still barely able to chew and in constant pain. I was referred to Dr. Kummrow by my cranial-facial pain specialist about a year ago. What a year it has been!

As a nurse, yoga practitioner and anatomy enthusiast, I cognitively knew that the entire body was connected. However, during the course of my treatment with Dr. Kummrow, I truly began to FEEL how my body was connected. HIs exercises taught my body in a physical language it could understand, how to return to a place of proper functioning. And the funny phrases he used along the way helped my cognitive mind to ‘get it’ so that I could reinforce the new habits of my body consciously.

Now, I rarely even think about my jaw and neck. If I do begin to feel some old sensations, I am equipped with exercises and tools to help bring things back to center.

I can’t even imagine where I would be today without IP Therapy and Dr. Kummrow. Now that I’m not in pain all the time I can really start living and enjoying my life!

-Heidi, Nurse

“I’ve lowered my golf handicap by three strokes…”

… since I started working with John Kummrow at Integrative Physiotherapy. I believe the main reasons for this improvement is he has focused on strengthening my lower back and hips along with improving posture and balance. That converts to better form, balance and strength in my golf swing. At a time when I thought my best game was perhaps behind me, I know now it is yet to come.

-Kevin, Appraiser

“…You’ll not only get better, but you’ll be stronger than you’ve ever been.”

At Integrative Physiotherapy every patient matters to Dr. Kummrow. The small clinic environment makes this possible and Dr. Kummrow makes it a priority because he really cares about each and every one of his patients. Not only will you get better working with Dr. Kummrow, you’ll also get an education from a patient and caring doctor. My initial injury was a tear in adductor longus near the superior ramus of the pubis on my right side experienced when reaching to kick a soccer ball. Other related complications have presented themselves through Dr. Kummrow’s careful examinations. No prior experience prepared me for the complexity and seriousness of my groin injury. However, on schedule, over a year later, I’m preparing to return to soccer in less than one week! For my recovery, I am indebted to the unique perspective and strategy developed by Dr. Kummrow at his Integrative Physiotherapy Clinic. Not only was I able to overcome a difficult recovery, but because of John’s unique insights and mentoring, I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been before. If you follow through with the exercises suggested by Dr. Kummrow, then you’ll not only get better, but you’ll be stronger than you’ve ever been in your life.

-Andre, Ecologist, Cyclist

“I would highly recommend Dr. John to anyone who has chronic pain…”

For the last 14 years I’ve been plagued with chronic back pain due to a car accident. After many years of struggling and trying different treatments I was referred to Dr. John Kummrow by my pain specialist Dr. Sisson. I’ve been seeing John for almost three years. He’s helped me reprogram my body mechanics after years of bad body postures I developed to help ease my pain. I don’t always feel like putting in the effort it takes to do the physical therapy exercises ,but in the end John has proven to be extremely motivational with his medical tactics of tough love and caring. His medical knowledge has been beneficial in helping me clearly understand the physical and neurological issues that have caused me years of agonizing chronic pain. Through his teaching I now understand what causes the pain and he has given me the tools to treat it. I would highly recommend Dr. John Kummrow to anyone who has chronic pain or just wants to improve their health.

-Joan, Nurse

“I was incredibly lucky to have Dr. John…”

Dr. John is always on the cutting edge and ahead of the curve! I have been working with him for 12 years. That alone speaks for the trust, support, and knowledge he has given me over the years. He began as my personal trainer, teaching me different training techniques and how to be aware of the different chains our body uses for strength and balance. His ability to find and correct the dysfunctions I had developed through years of incorrect lifting was astonishing to me.

I was incredibly lucky to have Dr. John rehab my shoulders after bilateral rotator cuff surgeries. As said by my physician, your results will only be as good as the therapy. Today, I have complete range of motion and am pain free thanks to his dedication and expertise.

Every day I continue my goal of staying fit and healthy and I credit Dr. John for my strength which enables me to endure 200 mile bike rides. His practice is very different from most. He will put me through strenuous workout sessions focused on strength and alignment some days, and do therapy table work on other days. Through it all he has kept my body injury free!

-Kelly, Radiology Technician

“Results have greatly exceeded expectations!”

I’m almost 84 years of age. I was referred to Dr. John as part of rehab from a broken pelvis. I have had a variety of lifelong issues stemming from an auto accident as a teenager and have experienced the loss of 4 inches of height over the years. In just a few months of physical therapy treatment with Dr. John, I’ve regained 2 inches in height, my balance and range of motion have significantly improved, and my pain levels are drastically reduced. Overall, the results have greatly exceeded expectations.

-Mary, Retired

“My reconstructed shoulder is now operating at a higher level than ever.”

I was referred to John by my TMJ specialist, Dr. Keller. I have a genetic collagen disorder that makes my joints very loose and prone to tearing. Prior to seeing John, I have had 3 ankle reconstructions, a knee reconstruction and multiple 51 joint stabilization procedures. Though I was originally referred to address neck and jaw issues, the referral couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. Two weeks after my first appointment, I tore up my shoulder raising my hand and found myself facing yet another surgical reconstruction. Dr. John was an invaluable asset in getting me prepped and ready for my pending surgical procedure and was able to refer me to a shoulder surgeon who had experience with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I have continued physical therapy with John on a weekly basis because I have seen dramatic differences as a direct result of his intervention techniques. My reconstructed shoulder is now operating at a higher level than it ever was. I appreciate his holistic approach that incorporates mind and body as part of the change process. He challenges me to use my body in ways that I have never experienced before and provides support and encouragement through the struggle of learning new ways of moving/thinking. For the first time since I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome five years ago, I have hope that my life doesn’t have to be one joint reconstruction after another. I would highly recommend John to anyone wanting or needing to reconnect with their body and develop new patterns of moving.

-Tiffany, Clinician

“Dr.John has what it takes to be MVP on your team.”

John has what it takes to help you change your life for the better. Whether you are fat, tired and miserable, or you are looking to hone your mind body to a sharper edge, Dr.John has what it takes to be MVP on your team. I know – I was in the first group, but am now in the second! He’s been my MVP all the way.

-Jan, Retired