Specialized Physical Therapy in Fort Collins

Integrative Physiotherapy “integrates” a variety of treatment approaches into our physical therapy services.

We develop strategies for treatment that are specific, measurable and individualized to meet your needs!

Methods & Modalities

Vestibular Rehab:

What is involved in your vestibular system? Simply put, it is your balance and coordination that comes from your inner ear.

Vestibular rehab is specifically geared to alleviate symptoms such as dizziness, gaze instability and/or imbalance and falls. Vestibular disorders can diminish overall quality of life and contribute to problems like anxiety, depression, and a sedentary lifestyle. Tailored exercise programs that integrate habituation, gaze stabilization and balance training are used to address these symptoms at IP.

Functional Restoration:

Functional Restoration is an evidence-based approach to chronic pain and disability. Patients are given physical and psychological education which facilitates a more functional lifestyle. At IP this approach results in reconditioning of neuromuscular, sensory, and cognitive responses to pain.

Functional Dry Needling:

Dry Needling is highly effective to treat myofascial pain. The needle is inserted in the muscle belly to ‘reset’ muscle trigger points and improve functionality. This differs from traditional acupuncture because it does not follow energy meridians. Instead, dry needling focuses on natural trigger points associated with the site of injury and source of pain. The positive effect of traditional dry needling can be dramatic, and nearly instantaneous in some cases. At IP, needling is commonly used to complement other treatment approaches.

Learn more about dry needling here.

Spinal Manipulation & Traction:

Spinal Manipulation has been used for centuries as a therapeutic technique to ease pain and restore proper function to the body. It can involve squeezing, twisting, or otherwise manipulating the spine, neck, and/or limbs. Evidence shows that over-pressure and manipulation is essential to correct postural and structural alignment. At IP, traction is intentionally used in an active manner to promote results that are sustainable over time. Results are unparalleled!

Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy offers a range of physical, mental, and even emotional benefits. Massage therapy helps sooth sore muscles and is thought to assist the body’s natural ability to purge toxins. It can help increase muscular flexibility, aid relaxation and improve sleep patterns. Massage therapy can ease stress and tension — studies have shown that massage can even help improve mood and self-esteem. At IP techniques such as myofascial release and joint mobilization are used as an integral part of your recovery process.

Performance Therapy:

Movement therapy strengthens muscles, improves balance & neuromuscular awareness. It also teaches you to set realistic fitness goals and be accountable for progress. At IP, our patients get one-on-one instruction to aid in recovery, using movement as medicine. The variety of on-site gym equipment is unlike any other PT clinic (also – gym memberships are available at a competitive rate!). As a part of our holistic approach to wellness, the performance therapy often involves more than just exercise. Providers may recommend dietary modifications, meditation and relaxation techniques or may refer to other trusted, qualified, healthcare practitioners within our wellness community.