Meet the Integrative Physiotherapy Team

Dr. Lindsey Karlin, Clinical Director

Physical Therapy has been a part of Dr. Lindsey’s life since she was a child. At birth, Dr. Lindsey was born with a nerve injury, resulting in a loss of mobility of her right arm. Growing up in a baseball centered family, she had always dreamed of playing softball. For years, she worked with a physical therapist to restore mobility and function which allowed her to succeed with her softball career where she played at the collegiate level and internationally. Because of this lifelong experience, she has gained a passion for functional based movement. Lindsey strives to be a motivator to incorporate movement-based medicine into her patient’s lifestyles to help them achieve their goals and improve quality of life.

Since joining the IP community in 2021, she received direct mentorship by John Kummrow, shaping her multifaceted treatment style. She implements a holistic, biopsychosocial approach to her neuromuscular-based foundations. Dr. Lindsey has clinical experience with orthopedic, post-operative, and vestibular based therapies, however has a special interest in treating athletes, complex chronic patients, and spinal related pathologies. She is Functional Dry Needling I and II certified.

Born and raised in Berthoud, Colorado, Lindsey graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, backpacking, cooking, and picking up on any local sport teams. An avid foodie and dog lover, Lindsey loves spending time outside with her husband and two pups, Rhea and Roo.

Jen Kummrow, CPT, MPH, Clinic Director

Jen has long held a passion for promoting optimal quality of life through movement. Her diverse background in health promotion led her to Colorado for graduate school. Post-grad, she began working at IP to manage operations and personal train. Over her tenure at IP, Jen has aided in the growth and expansion of the clinic as she strives to continually promote access to healthier living for those who seek it.

When she is not working on background clinic operations, Jen can be found working with clients as our resident functional movement coach. With over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and health coach, Jen offers a unique coaching style that is accessible to people of all ages and experience. This offering is a perfect synergy for those phasing out of therapeutic services or as an adjunct to PT, as she works closely with the therapists to tailor programming that addresses injuries and pathologies. In her free time, Jen enjoys spending time outdoors, adventuring with her pup, Keaton and traveling.

Dr. Ian Scott, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Ian is a board certified sports physical therapist who practices a style of rehab that draws from traditional orthopaedic rehab, neuroscience, and athletic training.  This approach centers on restoring efficient and pain-free movement patterns that are disrupted due to both tissue damage from orthopedic injury, as well as altered central nervous system processing. Combined, these lead to altered mechanics throughout the entire kinetic chain, addressed through both movement-based interventions and/or hands on manual therapy techniques, with a goal of restoring at least pre-injury function and strength.

Growing up in a soccer family in Michigan, Ian moved to Madrid for 4 years of undergrad to play for his university soccer team. After experiencing and witnessing dozens of soccer-related injuries, he decided to pursue a career in physical therapy to help injured athletes safely and quickly return to their sport. In 2017, he graduated from the University of Miami’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, followed by a 2018 Sport Residency with the Seattle Sounders professional soccer academy.  During his stay in Seattle, he worked in the clinic, training room, and on the sidelines with professional, college, and youth athletes from the time of injury all the way to their return to sport. In 2020, Ian left rainy Seattle for Colorado to be closer to family, and found the Integrative Physiotherapy team and their holistic approach to rehab. Outside of work, he continues to live his life on a soccer field whenever possible, trying his best to keep his rec soccer teams injury free. He is also spotted frequently eating ice cream, running, or walking his goats Rhubarb and Leafblower!

Case Stevenson, PTA

Case became interested in physical therapy after a shoulder injury during his previous career. He was drawn to how physical therapy could help people feel better and feel better about themselves. After going back to school, he began working in orthopedics helping patients come back from joint replacements and learning how to move again after years of dysfunction. Along the way Case began working with patients with foot and ankle injuries, realizing how important this is to the way we move. He has since been working to specialize in this field, and to help people get moving well again.

Born in Fort Collins, Case graduated as a physical therapist assistant in 2021 from Laramie County Community College, and has been working to help people move better ever since. When he isn’t at work you can find him running the local trails with his wife, racing ultramarathons, and helping raise three daughters and one son.

Jenny Rose, PTA

Jenny grew up with a fascination for all things related to science and human anatomy, leading to a Bachelors of Biology in 2008. True to her love of nature and animals, her first career was in Wildlife Biology. She has been an endurance athlete her whole life, running cross country and track through college, which taught the importance of physical fitness and the power of mental fortitude. Having sustained multiple knee, hamstring and stress fracture injuries ultimately introduced her to the world of physical therapy.

Following her work in science & research, she earned her PTA degree from Clarkson College of NE Medical Center in 2015. After treating a variety of conditions over the years, her passion and expertise has grown specifically in the areas of endurance athletes, older adults and nutrition. She provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to improving health and preventing chronic diseases by helping modify lifestyle choices such as functional movement, nutrition, stress management, sleep, and social support.

Due to her desire to learn through research backed evidence, she has gained extra training in running biomechanics, endurance athletes, geriatric strength & balance, cervical/lumbar mobilization and aquatic PT. In her free time, she loves backpacking, trail running & biking, cooking, photography, traveling and exploring the outdoors.

Hannah Hamill, MPH

Hannah comes from a strong background in public health and a dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility and preventive measures. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Health Communication, she’s working to blend her expertise in communication with her passion for improving community health outcomes. Her love of public health is driven by a deep appreciation for its emphasis on prevention, which drew her to her current role at IP.

Hannah’s role in insurance and marketing allows her to bridge the gap between healthcare services and the individuals who need them, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive the care they deserve. In her spare time, you can find Hannah attending concerts or enjoying the outdoors.

A Tribute to Our Founder

Dr. John Kummrow first found his passion and respect for physical fitness as an athlete. He explored an array of athletic outlets, including football, bodybuilding and martial arts. John experienced the worst injury of his life as a student athlete on the football field, just prior to graduation from Colorado State University. The medical community at that time concluded that due to the severity of the injury, John would lose full use of his right arm and shoulder.  Despite the medical community’s opinions, John believed that he could recover. He took that perspective to graduate school and earned his DPT.  Along the way, he applied his instincts and his education to his own injury, which resulted in nearly complete function of his right arm and shoulder.

In 2009, Dr. John opened Integrative Physiotherapy, thereby providing a unique, fast-paced, high-performing and multi-faceted form of physical therapy in Northern Colorado. His practice stemmed from his personal experience of severe injury, and his respect for both eastern and western philosophies of medicine.  These philosophies and treatment styles are foundational to the I.P. Approach and the legacy the clinic continually strives to uphold.