The benefits of physical therapy are not limited to severe injuries. Many people experiencing minor to moderate physical discomforts are surprised at how much their quality of life improves over a very short period of time, with the help of physical therapy. Preventative care is always a good choice!

At Integrative Physiotherapy, we provide physical therapy services that will help you get back to feeling your best!

Who can our services help?


We help the highly active and competitive recreational sports community stay at peak performance. Soccer and football players, runners, road cyclists and mountain bikers alike have benefited from the training and education acquired with physical therapy treatments at Integrative Physiotherapy. Incorporating strength and balance in training not only aids athletes in healing, but also provides a knowledge-base that improves athletic performance and neuro-muscular awareness.


We also provide physical therapy services to help those who have injuries due to repetitive movements, heavy lifting, desk work, and everyday activities! Repetitive movements or sitting at a desk all day can affect the neuro-muscular health of an individual in many ways including decreased range of motion and flexibility, arthritis and other symptoms. Come see us to find relief!

Motor Vehicle Accident Patients

We treat motor vehicle accident victims! If you are suffering from pain after being involved in an accident, come see us for specialized physical therapy. We can help you figure out your next steps with your claim while getting you started with a treatment plan to relieve your symptoms.

Pre/Post-Operative Patients

We strive to keep you out of surgery, but if surgery becomes your only option, we can help you recover at a faster rate! Pre-operative physical therapy is just as important as post-operative physical therapy in decreasing recovery time and getting you back to your daily activities! After surgery, you are forced to compensate by doing things differently, for example, over-using your opposite arm or leg. Compensation can lead to further strains and injury. Come see us to prep your body and mind pre-surgery so that you know what to expect and are ready for post-surgery rehab and physical therapy.

If you’re experiencing a physical discomfort in your everyday life then we encourage you to make an appointment and get started with your recovery.