Everyone loves snacks. They’re quick, easy to access, and can be downright satisfying. The team at IP always loves a good snack… but not all snacks are created equal. When the weather is cold and midnight seems to come at 5 in the evening, it can be easy to reach for the snacks we have lying around while we wait to see the sun again.

Did you know movement can come in snack sizes too?? Movement snacks can be a great way to break up long periods of sitting; long days at the computer, passing the time while you wait watch your favorite team play, or while you wait for the credits of your favorite show to end before the next episode starts.

We know movement is good for us. It nourishes our joints, it gets our hearts pumping, and it helps us to generally just feel better. Movement snacks don’t need to complicated. In fact, the simpler the better! Accessibility is all part of the equation. We know it’s hard to get moving sometimes, especially if you’re feeling stiff and achey, or just tired.

Things like:

• Air squats
• Planks
• Tandem walking
• Standing on one leg as long as you can
• Jumping jacks
• OR if you’ve been keeping up with our New Years Challenge- a water skier squat!

You can keep it simple, or you can go a little more complex with things like:
• Rotating lateral lunge for some rotational movement
• Dead bugs to get some core engagement
• Or bear crawls for strength and stability.

So the next time you need something to break up some monotony in your day, try a movement snack! And while you’re at it, snap a picture and tag us in it on Instagram. We’ll be rooting for you the whole way!