Happy 4th of July! Summer has finally arrived in Colorado! This means more time spent outdoors doing your favorite activities, covering up with some SPF (see the last blog…), and of course, traveling! One of the biggest questions we get from our patients during this time of year is, “What exercises can I do while I’m gone so I don’t lose progress in my rehab?” Vacation and traveling don’t have to get in the way of a steady recovery as long as you stay consistent!

There are dozens of body-weight exercises that we prescribe our patients at IP, with our favorite being the Fire Hydrants. This sequence of four exercises works on stability AND mobility for the spine, hips, shoulders, knees, and wrists, need we say more?! Check them out below and try to hold each position for up to a minute! For added resistance and a more challenging workout, throw a pair of furniture sliders and therabands in your bag and you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation with a healthy body! 

Another concern with summer traveling is the increased stiffness and pain that comes from long flights or car rides. Below we are going to show some simple, yet easy ways to stay mobile while getting to your destination!

Seated Thoracic Extension/Flexion


Lumbar Flexion/Extension


Seated Figure 4 Stretch (Stay active by pulling knee open and keeping foot flexed)

Seated Thoracic Rotation (push your thigh out into hand for resistance)

Hip Adduction with Hand Resistance