As you might have seen in recent social media posts, we’re offering a FREE SFMA to anyone who refers a patient to IP this month!

What is the SFMA? Read below to find out! 

The SFMA is a set of seven full-body movement tests evaluated and scored in patients. This assessment examines what movement pattern is dysfunctional and non-painful first, and then is broken down in detail to determine the root of this dysfunction. The two main root problems typically stem from a lack of MOBILITY or STABILITY (motor control deficit). This dysfunction can then be treated by the clinician using targeted therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and neuromuscular reeducation. 

Do you have pain performing normal day to day activities or carrying on your active lifestyle? For most of us, pain free functional movement with any activity is the goal. Many components comprise pain-free functional movement including adequate posture, ROM, muscle performance, motor control, and balance reactions. Impairments of each component could potentially alter functional movement resulting in or as a consequence of pain. Utilizing the SFMA, the clinician is able to identify key functional movement patterns and describe the critical points of assessment needed to efficiently restore functional movement.

During your SFMA, we will examine and assess:

  1. Cervical Flexion (looking down)
  2. Cervical Extension (looking up)
  3. Cervical Rotation (looking side to side)
  4. Upper Extremity Pattern 1 (reach behind back)
  5. Upper Extremity Pattern 2 (reach overhead)
  6. Multi-Segmental Flexion (touch toes)
  7. Multi-Segmental Extension (lean back)
  8. Multi-Segmental Rotation (twist and look behind back)
  9. Single-Leg Stance
  10. Arms Down Deep Squat

Let us know if you’ve referred a friend for the IP experience in the past month so we can schedule your SFMA today!