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Meet Midline Instructors

Brad Hoback

For Brad, yoga, like life, is most fully realized when each lived moment is completely profound and full of potential. Yoga cultivates the strength and skillfulness needed to engage life in a way that makes each moment full of meaning, on and off the mat.

After discovering yoga, Brad saw in yoga a life-long practice and a process of continual transformation. Having taught more than 4,000 hours since receiving his 200 hr certification, Brad has seen this transformation occur in himself and in others.  As a life-long student, Brad completed Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor’s Advanced Teacher Intensive in 2017.

Kyle Larson

Kyle came to yoga following years of self-abuse that, while certainly fun at the time, had left him feeling tired, empty, and old.

His relationship with yoga was not love at first sight. In fact, Kyle disliked nearly everything about yoga for the first few months he took it, but something compelled him to head to the studio every day.

Kyle attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the Spring of 2009 and has been teaching, first full-time, now part, since. He has also been trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga

Jill Mollenhauer

Jill was first introduced to yoga when she took her first 200-hr training in 2008. She’s been teaching ever since. Learning how our bodies are all different and keeping her students safe on the mat is her passion. Jill teaches with the understanding that yoga is for every BODY, whether it’s flow or deep held stretches, no matter what age, we all benefit from the practice. Her passion for yoga has taken her to trainings in prenatal, kids and yoga for cancer as well. After teaching for almost 10 years, her desire to keep learning only grows deeper and she counts herself lucky to share that passion with others through the community that is yoga.

Jen Valerio

Jen is enthusiastic about promoting health, wellness, and a sense of community through yoga. Over the 8 years that she has been practicing yoga, Jen developed a deep appreciation for the benefits yoga offers for a sense of well-being.

While finishing her Master’s in public health, she decided it was time to deepen her practice and share yoga with others. She completed her 200-hr teacher training at Elan in the spring of 2017. Since becoming certified she has sought opportunities to promote the functional and therapeutic benefits within the community. When she isn’t on her mat, Jen can likely be found with her dog enjoying life in Colorado.

Kelli Glaze

Kelli began her yoga journey in 2007, ultimately finding her passion in yin yoga. She is passionate about sharing the magic ingredients of yin; time, stillness of mind and body, and finding your first edge! She emphasizes that every body is unique. Kelli is a registered nurse and loves to weave her knowledge of the human body into her classes and workshops.

Kelli strongly encourages self inquiry through meditation and breathwork in postures and an exploration attending to intention. Yin yoga is an inward journey; not just a physical practice. Yin promotes organ health and restoration with the purpose of attaining an optimal level of wellness. Kelli has studied internationally and nationally, with Bernie Clark, Sarah Powers, and at the Depok Chopra center.

Kim Graves

Kim’s yoga journey first began when she started Tae-Kwon Do and teaching at the age of 11. After well over a decade of practice, Kim gained both mental discipline and physical awareness that prepared her to step into her first yoga. She decided to combine her love of yoga with her love of teaching by finishing her 200-hr teacher training. She later moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where she fortuitously found a wonderful yoga community, and completed her 500-hr certification.

Through yoga Kim has found a love and acceptance for herself, and is passionate about helping others realize their own wholeness. She encourages each student to tune in to their personal experience, finding a balance between effort and ease in each posture.

Alyson Coulliard

Alyson discovered yoga on a frosty winter’s eve in a sweltering hot studio. She got her 200hr certification through elan yoga in the spring of 2016. Ever since, she’s never far from her mat.

Whether exploring inversions in her own practice or guiding yogis through theirs. She looks to build thoughtful flows utilizing her anatomy trainings with attention on the breath and alignment. Sweating, bending and laughing are what get her out of bed. She believes that yoga is not just a practice for the body, but for the mind and spirit – allowing us the space to slow down and listen to our truest needs.

Natalie Carrasco

Natalie has been teaching since 2013 and strongly believes that the act of slowing down and being patient with your breath and body can lead to radical transformation both on and off your mat. After receiving her 200-hr training with a Vinyasa focus, she followed her desire to delve deeper into yin yoga and continues to grow in her teaching and practice through various yin-focused trainings.

Lili Vior

As a Cuba native who was raised in Louisville, Kentucky and now calls Fort Collins home, Lili has had to adapt to various environments, cultures and surroundings. After a pivotal point in her young adult life, she decided to embark on a journey to Rishikesh, India and spend 2 months and 500 hours studying traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. This time in India transformed her into someone whose purpose is to spread love to others. One of the ways she does this is by sharing her passion for physical movement to a wide array of skill levels, bodies and personalities! Her classes are intentional and connect to a higher purpose while staying grounded in anatomy and knowledge of how to modify poses to suit individual bodies. Her hope is that every student walks out of her class empowered and in love with themselves.  She lives in Fort Collins with her husband and a house full of plants.

Jamie Wheeler

Jamie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She experienced the healing aspects of yoga after her 2nd marathon as her neck was in bad shape. Yoga forces her to slow down, breathe and experience the healing that comes with breath. Yoga allows bodies to gain strength through length…a lesson she carries into other areas of life. She aspires to push the envelope whether she’s setting goals for herself or challenging her students in the studio. Her mantra is that the growth we are capable of is within our grasp, we just have to be willing to be uncomfortable to achieve it. Long bike rides and runs are Jamie’s idea of a good time, and she finds the greatest joy being part of a client’s “Aha!” moment.

Izzy Gingerich

Izzy came to yoga seeking relief from an injury and has not looked back. After cultivating her personal practice, Izzy earned her 200 hour certification from Elan yoga, finding a deeper understanding of the benefits yoga offers for every body. More than the physical aspects of yoga, she finds strength in the mental practice by using breath and mindfulness to be present on and off the mat. This is something she tries to weave into each of her classes. Since earning her certification she has been teaching vinyasa style classes part time.