Meet the Integrative Physiotherapy Team

Dr. John Kummrow, DPT

John Kummrow first found his passion and respect for physical fitness as an athlete playing American football. That passion led him to explore other athletic outlets, including bodybuilding and martial arts. Tragically, John experienced the worst injury of his life following a collision on the football field just prior to graduation from Colorado State University. The medical community at that time, including many physical therapists and chiropractors, concluded that due to the severity of the injury John would lose a large percentage of mobility in his right arm and shoulder.

Despite the opinion of the medical community, John believed that he could recover. He brought that belief to graduate school and earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Along the way, he applied his instincts and his education to his own injury, a combination that eventually led to near complete mobility and use of his right arm and shoulder.

Today, as the owner and primary physical therapist at Integrative Physiotherapy LLC, Dr. Kummrow practices a unique and multi-faceted form of physical therapy known as Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation . His practice is rooted in his personal experience of severe injury, and his respect for both eastern and western philosophies of medicine.  

Prominent in his holistic approach to physical therapy is a neuro-muscular awareness of how the body’s nerve network coordinates and communicates with the body’s musculature to achieve efficient function.  At Integrative Physiotherapy, Dr. Kummrow offers a unique combination of physical therapy techniques, including one-on-one personal training, trigger point dry needle therapy and spinal manipulation that are designed to reprogram the mind-body connection, psychosomatic components, and achieve long-term physical health.

Dr. Lindsey Karlin, DPT

Physical Therapy has been a part of Lindsey’s life since she was a child. At birth, Lindsey was born with a nerve injury to her right arm, preventing some muscles in her right shoulder from working properly. After experiencing decreased mobility and function, many doctors recommended that she participated in sports that did not require a lot of upper extremity use. Growing up in a baseball centered family, she had always dreamed of playing softball. For years, she worked with a physical therapist to restore mobility and function which allowed her to succeed with her softball career where she played at the collegiate level and internationally. Because of this lifelong experience, she has gained a passion for functional based movement. Lindsey strives to be a motivator to incorporate movement-based medicine into her patient’s lifestyles to help them achieve their goals and improve quality of life.

Born and raised in Berthoud, Colorado, Lindsey graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, backpacking, cooking, and exploring the local breweries. An avid foodie and dog lover, Lindsey loves spending time outside with her husband and two pups.

Jen Valerio, MPH, CPT, Manager

Jen has long held a passion for promoting optimal quality of life through physical activity and healthy living.  She approached her health-centric career by first addressing the mind. She obtained her bachelor’s in psychology at Boise State, while managing a research lab at a regional medical center and personal training. Her research endeavors opened the door to understanding health from an entirely different perspective. From sleep research, spasticity, stroke, coronary artery disease to TBI, you can find her work in a variety of publications! After graduating, she sought to more specifically promote health in the community by pursuing her Master’s at the Colorado School of Public Health.

Upon moving to Colorado, Jen immersed herself in the healthful potential available in the region, further exploring the mind-body connection. From working with policy to improve the built environment to training individuals, she enjoys exploring health promotion through a diverse yet holistic approach.

This array of interests and experiences across varied health groups led her to happily find her place at IP. Although managing the clinic and operations is her primary role, you can also find Jen working with patients for therapeutic exercise, collecting data, working with the community, and aiding in the expansion of the IP experience along the Front Range! When she’s not working, Jen loves being outside, traveling, and reading.

Dina McCarty, PTA, Marketing Manager

Dina McCarty had a previous career in information technology with the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. She worked as a systems analyst and telecommunications billing standards developer for 20+ years. Dina and John Kummrow are longtime friends and in 2013 she took an early retirement from USDA and went back to school to earn a degree as a physical therapist assistant.

The decision to return to school was a tough one, but because of her personal experience from working with Dr. Kummrow on a health issue, Dina realized the unique approach to health and wellness he uses is a different model for the medical community and one she wanted to pursue and help bring to more people.

Upon graduating in 2016 and working since then as part of the IP team, Dina enjoys not sitting at a desk and computer almost as much as she likes working with patients to help them achieve their goals. She’s gained clinical experience over the years at IP, working with a variety of conditions and providing patients with appropriate treatments based on the plan of care developed by the physical therapists at Integrative Physiotherapy. Dina also enjoys outdoor activities, family, cooking, art and traveling in her spare time.