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Meet John Kummrow

John Kummrow, PT, DPT, CMT

John Kummrow first found his passion and respect for physical fitness as an athlete playing American football. That passion led him to explore other athletic outlets, including bodybuilding and martial arts. Tragically, John experienced the worst injury of his life following a collision on the football field just prior to graduation from Colorado State University. The medical community at that time, including many physical therapists and chiropractors, concluded that due to the severity of the injury John would lose a large percentage of mobility in his right arm and shoulder.

Despite the opinion of the medical community, John believed that he could recover. He brought that belief to graduate school and earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Along the way, he applied his instincts and his education to his own injury, a combination that eventually led to near complete mobility and use of his right arm and shoulder.

Today, as the owner and primary physical therapist at Integrative Physiotherapy LLC, Dr. Kummrow practices a unique and multi-faceted form of physical therapy known as Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation . His practice is rooted in his personal experience of severe injury, and his respect for both eastern and western philosophies of medicine.  

Prominent in his holistic approach to physical therapy is a neuro-muscular awareness of how the body’s nerve network coordinates and communicates with the body’s musculature to achieve efficient function.  At Integrative Physiotherapy, Dr. Kummrow offers a unique combination of physical therapy techniques, including one-on-one personal training, trigger point dry needle therapy and spinal manipulation that are designed to reprogram the mind-body connection, psychosomatic components, and achieve long-term physical health.